Tuesday, 13 February 2018

Book 4 - Preamble

 Pdf Preview of 'Thin Places' Book 4 Click on Me for a .Pdf Preview 

                                                                     of 'Thin Places' Book 4

After Fanore (Still a free download), Erris and Blasket, This book takes us to the Thinnest Place in Ireland. Readers of the other books will already know where that is and now, so will you.

The thing is, there is a full length novel in my head that's now screaming for liberation and it's going to be mind blowing, so that makes this Book 4 (Due for release this summer) The final book in this first 'Thin Places' series of novellas.

I've found this fourth one quite difficult to get going, simply because it has to be very different and extra special, like a culmination should. And after this taster, I think you'll agree that it's well on course to be all that I want it to be. I hope it made your trip or your wait a little shorter.

I'll update you on progress and as release gets closer because I'm really looking forward to sharing some cutting edge ideas with you in the bigger novel.

In the meantime - stay safe.

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