Monday, 11 May 2015

Many Species - One Humanity

The continued diversion of our two species that I propose is ongoing right now and under our noses, has lately become more and more obvious by the growing intolerance of what was once a part of humanity towards the other. One insists on life but only at the expense of the other, thereby stepping back over what was once a line of demarcation between civilised and not, or human and inhuman. We might eventually refer to them as human and sub-human. 

In the greater scheme of 'Everything', our sub-human species may soon be ‘Lost’ yet paradoxically, they once proudly claimed to be ‘Chosen’ along side us.

Because of their inadequacies, they are now simply an intelligently self aware biology. They would certainly not satisfy the very rational 'Chosen' criteria defined in Catalysis.

Astrophysicists tell us that the Cat’s Eye Nebula in Draco (The Dragon Constellation) is the result of a very complex supernova. (Picture courtesy of NASA (Click))

They say we are looking at the epitaph of an approximately 5 solar mass star that literally ran out of gas, but that is just the tiniest  fraction of the full story.

There, like here, crimes against humanity raged, but let’s not be confused about the term 'Humanity'. That 'August' aspiration is more about maintaining the sacred code of civilized conduct or Natural Law, and less about the iniquities of any particular sentient or somehow accidentally intelligent and/or self aware species from our dreams or nightmares.

Ochre was truly the wonder of wonders before inhumanity tried to make it its own idol. Destiny was awakened by the affront and punished that sacrilege by sending a wayward and equally degenerate white dwarf star to reduce it to its basic components, and then spread them over the heavens for all of us to later ponder, as we now do.

When we see the catastrophic fallout from such inequities, those of us who are still human enough to ask might inquire where such errant stars of vengeance might originate? The same voice that Spoke it to the Ochre will then tell us that they intervene from the same realm of all possibilities that surround this bubble of existence, that we call our physical here and now. 

Destruction on such a scale might prompt some of us to further implore. "Who or What could call such terrible retribution into being?" 

Did you ever notice how the most sincere questions eventually generate their own answers? “Do you think Me deaf?” Comes the inevitable retort before patiently adding. “I heard you speak it, and therefore it is.”

We withdraw and quietly ask if it's possible that some of us could have evolved to be our own consequence? If so, how do we actually exercise this latent yet innate power that seems to have lain dormant within us? The ridiculous notion that we may be capable of fulfilling our own self declared and very lofty aspirations surfaces like a bubble from the calm of the depths. Or could it be, that maybe we just need to choose our words with far more care ... before speaking them aloud?

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