Wednesday, 12 September 2018


 3 Chapter Preview (E-Pub)3 Chapter Preview (E-Pub)

This 3 Chapter preview is guaranteed virus free so please enjoy. Skellig took longer to write than planned because technically, it's far too big to be a Novella like the other 3 of my 'Thin Places' Series, but that's good news for anyone buying it because the outlay is the same. This is the last of that series because a new project calls, though I can't say I didn't enjoy creating these incursions through the fabric of what we call reality.

The name Skellig is derived from the old Gaelic word Scelec, which means simply a splinter of rock. About a thousand years ago, a ‘new’ church building on Skellig was dedicated to the Archangel Michael which is where it gets its better known name. But Scelec was a very special place long before the modern era, and it went by the name of Tearmann or refuge. Further, it has always been an extremely ‘Thin Place’. Celebrated Irish Poet and Playwright, George Bernard Shaw, offered his own suggestion of what a ‘Thin Place’ might be when he declared that Skellig "- does not belong to any world that you and I have lived and worked in. It is part of our dream world."

When he is brutally reminded of his mortality but considers himself quite literally god forsaken, a Jesuit Priest, the Reverend Father Ignatius Moloney reacts by abandoning god in return. The Jesuits agree that he be taken on a day trip to Skellig as part of his treatment to rediscover his lost spirituality. But Skellig will always be Tearmann, and was more than ready to accommodate him.