Thursday, 18 July 2019

Prophets live

If black is not a color but the simple absence of light, then ... 'Silence and darkness could be sister and brother'. That observation didn't register as overly significant while writing my Thin Places, 'Erris' Novella. Now however, I am struck by how profound those words are and by deduction by how much innate wisdom we let slip by us unnoticed. Since I've always considered myself a fairly average Pleb, it didn't escape me that there may be something of a prophet in each of us. Spirituality might play major or bit parts in our lives but it makes us more than the flesh and bones we present daily to the world. The obvious conclusion is that maybe we could do worse than take an occasional time-out to spend more quality time with our real selves. "Where do I get time to do that?" I hear you say and the answer is that we don't have to make more time. We can tune out more of the mundane nonsense in our lives and use that time instead. Let's surprise ourselves by being more than we appear to be. 

Thursday, 11 July 2019

The Erris Starship

Sometimes, you know what you know and that's it. This book is not so much a turning point for me but it's also a revelation in how to present a story that reads as real as Irish rain. The title is totally ridiculous because the northwest corner of County Mayo has as much in common with starships as the Wild Atlantic Way has to do with boredom.
   This offering is fearless, cutting edge, insightful and humane Science Fiction, Tragedy or a hybrid mix of both that started only a few years ago in Ireland, though it could just as easily have begun in Scotland, England, Czech Republic, Ethiopia, Argentina or the good old U.S. of A to name but a few.
   I know it's not just good but great and that's because I could feel it take something from me as I wrote the words but that's all good, because there is a universal equilibrium to be maintained. Unlike all of my other books and for purely marketing and commercial reasons, this book is only available from Amazon.
However, I have the assurance of Mr&Ms. Amazon that they will guarantee the free download of an Kindle e-reader to anyone who wants to read a book that will change the way life is perceived. If you're going on vacation, pack this first because it always rains. That's if you can wait for the rain. 

If you go to my website, you can download a 4+ Chapter Preview in a Mini-eBook or Me-Book Epub format, so you can read it on anything.

Please enjoy Sensibly