Thursday, 8 October 2015

Life, Death and Ownership.

In kindergarten we are told that Autumn is when nature falls asleep. That's because pre-school kids are too young to handle the concept of death. Later we learn that not everything that falls asleep can be with us again next year, at least not here.

Behind our house, the small ornamental trees are almost bare, while the Oaks and Poplars in the background are still green and thriving. The buzz of summer is becoming a memory and because the sun was warmer and the garden brighter for longer, that memory will invariably be sweeter.

However, not everything is as it seems. 

Entropy is also a product of creation and it completes all circles. In a short month or two, all the trees in this picture will be bare. It is also not unusual for a storm to claim one or two during winter, but when or how they go is inconsequential in the scheme of things. I can say that because at some later stage, hopefully much later, there will be no trees at all and no-one to take a picture of the silence that must eventually prevail. 

The paradox of this picture, is that the specially bred ornamental trees were the most beautiful to look at, but also the first to go, and the pretty Orchid isn't free but is sentenced to life in a pot. In August, all of those trees were resplendent in their different colors of lush foliage, as they shimmered in the breeze for the pleasure of anyone passing by.

This October has sternly reminded me that all we can do is appreciate each other while we are still here together because soon enough, we won't. 

Mutual regard for each other is our primary purpose here in this life because, when you think about it, everything else, and I mean every single thing, belongs to and will eventually be claimed by entropy. It means no one can really own anything, because ultimately no-one will.

October is also my last month with Ochre - Book Two of the Catalysis Trilogy. The amount of creation that was crammed between its covers was impossible to contain there, unless I also added an equal measure of entropy. The result is that by the time those trees are bare, I will no longer own it.

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